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Sardarapat is a memorial complex, 38 Km west from Yerevan, erected in 1968 to commemorate the Armenian people’s victory over Turkish invaders in 1918. The complex was designed by architect Raphael Israelyan and sculptor Ara Haroutyunyan. The complex consists of a bell-tower, “Path of heroes”, bas-relief Victory Wall, the Ethnographic museum and two giant statues of bulls at the entrance of the Memorial Park. These bulls symbolize the titanic strength. Stairways lead up to the square dominated by a 35-meter high stone bell tower. On the background of Ararat mountain, one can hear the bells tolling. To the left of the bell tower, closer to the Victory Wall, runs a flower alley with stone eagles symbolizing the indomitable spirit of the Sardarapat heroes. In the center of the Victory Wall one can find an arch beyond which a panoramic view of Ararat Mountain, the silent witness of the heroic past and future of Armenian people, is being opened. The Memorial Complex is terminated by an originally designed Ethnographic Museum building and a domed structure – the Vardavar (Transfiguration) Refectory with several halls incorporating motifs of medieval Armenian architecture.
Annually, after the “Navasard” harvesting festival is over, a replica of modern Olympic games is performed at the complex. The Ethnographic museum has got about 2.000 distinctive works of folk art on display including pottery, carpets, musical instruments, tapestry, lace and ceramics.

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