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Khndzoresk. 8 Km East from Goris, on an altitude of1580 Meters above sea level, amongst the rocks, caves and gently inviting nature is found one of the most interesting sights in Armenia: Old Khndzoresk. This is a unique habitat, where every visitor feels as if the time has stopped. People have lived in this area, cut from the civilized world throughout centuries. They have lived amongst rocks; have protected themselves from enemies, from cold and from heat, from rains and animals in the nature itself. Strangely enough people have lived in this caves up to 1958, when Armenia was far an industrial developed country. The instinct of continuation of their family line was established so deeply in people of this city during millenniums, that they ignored all achievements of science and continued living in these caves. Old Khndzoresk was the largest village in Eastern Armenia. in 1913 there were 1800 houses, 7 functional schools out of which 2 were parochial and 5 were private.

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