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Bjni is placed in the region of Hrazdan. It is famous for its beautiful nature and is a big center of mineral water springs. Monuments in Bjni have a long history and are quite valuable for Armenia. In the time of Bagratouni Princes Bjni fell under the domain of the Pahlavouni Princedom, who built a fortress and a church in the 11th century. The church, dedicated to Surb Astvatsatsin (the blessed Virgin Mary), was erected in 1031 by order of Prince Grigor Magistros. Of small size, this sanctuary, planned as a cupola hall, presents a simple exterior architecture, crowned with a round drum and an umbrella-like dome. There are some admirable khachkars to the east of the church. Of the impregnable fortress of Bjni still are survived fragments of the north and the west fortified walls, the secret passage and some miscellaneous buildings.

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