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Statues and Sages

The Armenian epic hero David of Sassoun, hero of the national liberation war of the 5th century Vardan Mamikonian, the founder of classical Armenian music Father Komitas, Painter Martiros Sarian. Composer Alexander Spendiarian, the great Armenia poet Hovhannes Toumanian, Sayat-Nova, a bard of the late medieval period, composer Aram Khachatourian, composer Armen Tigranian, architect Alexander Tamanian and many more statues and sages you can see in Armenia, that continue to this day to inspire and motivate the inhabitants of Yerevan and cultivate trust toward the future.
During the city tour tourists will also have a chance to see the Modern Art Gallery, Independence Column, the Tombstone of Alexander Tamanian, chief-architect of Yerevan, who developed the modern plan of the city, a Cascade Complex made of white stone and connecting Victory Park to the Opera House by a unique architectural form. The huge statue of Mother Armenia with its solemn image, symbolizing the independence and power of Armenia, and the Palace of Youth which with its unique shape attract people’s attention from any point of the city.
Erebouni fortress-museum is housed in the ancient citadel of Erebouni, the predecessor of the present-day Yerevan. Its display includes bronze and iron tools, earthenware, weapons, ornaments and other articles made by Urartu craftsmen which have been uncovered during excavations on the site of the ancient fortress town. A visit to the palace of King Argishti, the founder of Yerevan, is also a point of interest. Remains of fortress walls, temples, water ducts and other ancient structures have left their imprint on the land.



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