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Apricots, peaches, plums, grapes, watermelon, cherries, the list of fresh fruit which grow under the Armenian sun can go on and on and on. Organic, picked daily, and available on every street corner, Armenia in the summertime is a fruit-lover’s paradise. Treat yourself to a blended fruit smoothie as you stroll down Yerevan’s newly paved streets. Or a visit to the verdant regions to pick a basketful of raspberries and blackberries from the vine. Yerevan’s bountiful harvest awaits you!

Vardavar is the popularization of the holiday of the Armenian Apostolic Church celebrating Christ’s Transfiguration. The manner in which this church feast is celebrated is one of merriment and joy, with a splash of mischief. Armenians throughout country participate in this answer to the summer heat by throwing water over friends or strangers. Enjoy the summer heat of Armenia, with the refreshing – and unexpected – waters of Vardavar cooling you off from all directions.

Yerevan truly comes alive in the summertime. With literally hundreds of cafes throughout the city, Yerevan’s sunny days and cool breezy nights beckon all to enjoy a round of drinks among friends, an evening of ice cream indulgence, or the ubiquitous cup of coffee to sip and relax after a long day. Florists run around-the-clock businesses in Yerevan, a city which is drowning in flowers during the colorful summertime in Armenia.


The delicious fruit was known in Armenia during ancient times, and has been cultivated there for so long it is often thought to be native there. Its scientific name is Prunus Armeniaca (Armenian plum) or Armeniaca Vulgaris which derives from that assumption. For example, De Poerderlé, writing in the 18th century, asserted “Cet arbre tire son nom de l’Arménie, province d’Asie, d’où il est originaire et d’où il fut porté en Europe …” (“This tree takes its name from Armenia, province of Asia, where it is native, and whence it was brought to Europe …”). An archaeological excavation at Garni Pagan Temple in Armenia found apricot seeds in an Eneolithic-era site. Come and enjoy the yummy fresh apricot or the dried one!

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