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Although no one knows for sure, wine-making may in fact have its origin in Armenia. In any case, references to the over – 3000 year old wine making tradition can be found in Greek, Roman, Armenian and other early sources, and is substantiated by various archeological discoveries. Putting the history books aside for a moment, you can conduct your own taste test. Be prepared to be pleasantly surprised by the dry red wines of Areni, the smooth white wines of Ijevan, or the bottled bouquets from the extensive vineyards of the sun-drenched Ararat valley.

For the Armenian nation, decades of contradiction, repression, and control ended on September 21, 1991 with jubilant Armenian independence. Coinciding with Independence Day, the ATDA is thrilled to promote the annual KENATS Festival, a celebration during which Armenia is electric with excitement. Residents and visitors alike delight in an exciting and exhilarating extravaganza of music, dance, performing and visual arts and crafts. Join us this autumn and celebrate Armenia!

Golden is the dominant color of Yerevan’s rustic palette of colors. The variety of fruits and vegetables reaches its zenith, and families throughout the land are busy drying or canning fruit in preparation for the looming winter. As summer gives way to fall, the radiant summer heat becomes milder, the leaves adopt vibrant hues, and a new school year commences. Fall is generally regarded as the best time of year to visit Armenia, so book early as Yerevan’s fleet of new hotels enjoy their highest occupancy during these inviting months.

All year around, whenever the tourists come, Armenia was hung with grenades. They are everywhere and are very different: tiny and large, whole and broken – with protruding pure bloody grains…

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