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Avan Marak (Tufenkian)


Address: Tsapatagh Village, Eastern Shore of Lake Sevan
Telephone: +374 (10) 52-09-11

Located in an enchanting village on the eastern shore of Lake Sevan, the Avan Marak Tsapatagh hotel features 34 rooms (accommodating 90 guests) including duplexes and suites. All rooms and suites have private balconies and breathtaking views of Lake Sevan. The exquisite Zanazan Restaurant at Avan Marak Tsapatagh, overlooking Lake Sevan with an open terrace, offers exceptional Armenian cuisine. In keeping with the Tufenkian Heritage Hotels’ concept of creating lodgings that compliments the surrounding environment, Avan Marak Tsapatagh is built from local rocks that outcrop near the village’s hills. Therefore, the hotel’s appearance is not intrusive: it blends with the natural surroundings.
This 34-room hotel includes 14 duplexes, 2 suites, and 9 large rooms each with its balcony. Guests will appreciate the authenticity of the accommodations: handcrafted, natural materials combined with the finest fabrics and regionally-inspired design to create an unmistakably Armenian ambiance within a hotel of the highest international standards.

Rooms: 14 duplexes, 2 suites, and 9 large rooms (25 in total). Location: To compliment your stay, there is a pool, hot tub, sauna, billiards and a beach. The facilities at the Tsapatagh lend themselves well to weddings, baptisms, and other traditional family ceremonies. Furthermore, folkloric events such as Trndez, Tsakhkazard, and Vardavar are celebrated with traditional rituals. For outdoor-minded sports enthusiasts, activities may include hiking, sailing, and riding. Boat trips on the lake may also be organized.

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