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Address: 2 Miasnikyan Street, Jermouk
Telephone: +374 (10) 28-12-24

Armenia Health Spa meets highest international standards taking into account the traditional features of a resort zone and the modern technologies in the field of medicine.
The visiting card and the symbol of the spa is the Gallery of mineral waters. It’s a drinking “gallery” of mineral spring waters directly on the territory of the spa. With their composition and characteristics, the mineral waters of the spa are classified as carbonaceous, hydro carbonate-sulfate-chloride, sodium-potassium and magnesia. With its chemical composition, the Jermouk mineral water is similar to the mineral waters of Carlsbad, Sprudel and Karlovy Vary.

Medical Center: The spa offers treatment of the following diseases: diseases of the alimentary canal; diseases of liver, gall-bladder and pancreas; diseases of musculoskeletal system; gynecological illnesses; metabolic imbalance; peripheral nervous system disorders; skin diseases; oral cavity diseases; ear-throat-nose diseases; orthopedic diseases; proctologic and urological diseases; radiculitis; rheumatism; sciatica; and system diseases…


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19 Hrachya Kochar street, #39 Yerevan 0012, Republic of Armenia

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