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MEZZO Classic House Club

Mezzo Classic House 1

Address: 28 Isahakyan Str., Yerevan

“Moderateness in everything” is the main credo of MEZZO Classic House Club situated on a narrow but a very busy Isahakyan street. But moderateness is vivid both in its interior and in the whole concept of this music club, as well as in the music where “MEZZO Classic House Club” rather frequently borders on a higher “soprano”, and it tends to perfection and gives a deeper and richer content to the place.

MEZZO Classic House Club is first of all a “music club” and you are convinced of it as soon as you open the glass door. Melodic music welcoming you together with the smile of the serving staff smoothly interweaves with the main emphasis of the very harmonious and cosy interior. When descending the stairs in the form of piano, unwillingly you page through a music book by running from one note to another. The melody is shaped already when you are seated in a comfortable sofa in “parterre zone” of the club.

Every evening on the stage of MEZZO Classic House Club you witness all the best that exist in the music world of Yerevan: jazz, blues, rock, classical, ethno. “MEZZO Classic House Club” has a professional approach to sound and light provision: the technique of the club is on the highest level.



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