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“Erebuni” historical-archeological reserve-museum

Erebuni museum 1

Address: 38 Erebuni str. Yerevan
Website: www.erebuni.am

“Erebuni” historical-archeological reserve-museum was opened on October 21st, 1968 on the occasion of 2750th anniversary of Erebuni-Yerevan fortress-town foundation. This ancient site is a historical-archeological reserve-museum with a surface of 60 hectares. The architect of the building of «Erebuni» museum is Shmavon Azatyan, the sculptor – Ara Harutunyan. The reserve-museum has 2 branch museums: an early agricultural settlement of Shengavit situated on the bank of lake Yerevan and a town-fortress of Teyshebaini (Karmir blur), built by Rusa II in the middle of the VII century BC, which is located in the southwest suburb of Yerevan, on the bank of the Hrazdan river. There are 10936 archeological items in the depositories of the museum, but only 662 ones are exhibited. The museum has science-research, funds preservation, excursion and mass arrangement departments, laboratories of rehabilitation and anthropology. Annually 15000 tourists visit the museum. To set up a center of Urartology on the basis of «Erebuni» museum courses of the Urartian language are held at the museum.


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