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Cinema Nairi

Nayiri cinema

Address: 50 Mashtots Ave., Yerevan

Doors of hospitable ”Nairi” entertainment center are open for visitors at any time of the day. It is a very special place.

Right here, next to this building, several generations used to date and in these very halls on a magic screen couples watched their first movie together.

In the movie halls the acoustic perfection (Dolby Digital Surround EX) creates the presence effect and makes the Nairi a delight for audience.

In the bigger movie hall there is a VIP balcony, where at the same time you can enjoy movies, delicious food and drinks. In the smaller movie hall (Dolby Digital Surround), both foreign and local guests, who prefer to watch the movies in origin, can actually and equally enjoy the show. On weekends in this very hall kids can watch their famous movies and cartoons.

Every family member will find wanted entertainment here. For kids Nairi Cinema offers wonderful game-rooms, even for little once.

You can leave your child here and have fun next door.

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19 Hrachya Kochar street, #39 Yerevan 0012, Republic of Armenia

+374 10 22 94 48
+374 10 32 06 08