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Culinary customs during the Easter week include rice pilaf with raisins and other dried fruit, and the welcome emergence of herbs, greens, and fresh vegetables as the thawing winter ushers in the spring. Armenian dinners are famous for their many courses, visually colorful and appealing presentation, and organic fresh ingredients. As Lent ends and families unleash a spread to celebrate the Easter season, enjoy the delectable food and festive mood of the season of rebirth.

The Christian holiday of renewal, Easter, or Zatik, is a time of celebration in Armenia. Among the best times for a visit to Holy Etchmiadzin, the Easter week represents a culminations of many traditions. Easter morning kicks off with a jovial contest where each family member attempts to become the champion, crushing the shells of their relatives’ natural red-dyed eggs. As the period of fasting during Lent gives way to a traditional feast among friends and family, Easter is a memorable time in Armenia.

Seemingly on every corner of the city, vendors selling fruits and vegetables entice us all from our winter of hibernation. Springtime in Yerevan is when the city comes to life. Sunny days alternate with rain as the snows of the winter are forgotten. Spring also has its solemn moments. A celebration of life combines with a day of remembrance on April 24 each year as Armenians in Yerevan in solidarity with their brethren around the world commemorate the Genocide of 1915.

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