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The land of Noah

Armenia is the country of wonders and an open-air museum. The genius of man created a wonderful and original world on this stern yet beautiful land.

Armenian architecture is truly a symphony of stones, a heroic and at the same time lyrical symphony, infinitely complex yet simple as all truly great works of art. Armenia is a country of old legends and Biblical stories. It is said that on his descent from Ararat, Noah first stepped onto this land and, perhaps because of his blessings, Armenia has passed through centuries and millenniums.

Armenia is covered with unique historical monuments, waterfalls, skyscraping mountains, blue lake Sevan (the pearl of Armenia) and a shining sun almost eight months of the year. Even the fruits carry the spice and smell of the sun.

You will find in Armenia a society rich with cultural and artistic life. However, there is a lot more to Armenia than meets the eye. Armenia is a treasure-trove of undiscovered charms, a land of exceptional beauty with ancient and modern wonders.

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